Wedge Tree by Eric Thulander
Wedge Tree by Eric Thulander

New Wedge Tree to be Planted

On February 17th at 3:35pm, the famous Wedge Tree was overcome by 60mph winds and the heaviest rains Newport has seen in 20 years, getting uprooted and falling beyond any hope of repair or restoration.

Shortly afterward, I was contacted by Alan Buchanan asking if I could convince the city to allow him to take home the trunk of the tree to make a bench from and donate to the Wedge– to my surprise, I hit no resistance, and we arranged for it to be picked up just a few days later after the rest of the tree was hauled off.  After completion, this bench will be placed at at Sherman Gardens on Aug 24th– more details on that to come in a later article.

While Alan has been drying the wood and preparing to turn it into a wooden heirloom, he was also working with Arbor Real Estate and received a donation of a Myoporum Tree (more native to Australia/NZ than here!) which will be planted with great ceremony on Wednesday, June 7th at 10am at the Wedge.

Big thanks to the Alan Buchanan and Arbor Real Estate for replacing the irreplaceable: the lone tree providing relief from the pounding sun on summer days… our Wedge Tree.

Wednesday morning at the Wedge, a historic icon will be replaced with a smaller tree, to grow into an icon of its own.  Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  I will see you there!



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