Voter Registration Deadline Today

Today is the last day you can register to vote in the June 7th Primary.  Voting registration is a simple process that takes about 2 minutes to do– and in California, you can do it all online!

Simply fill out this form:

‘Can’t remember if you are registered to vote in Newport or not?  You can check right here:— that link will also provide you with you polling station location!

Note that the June election is the primary election, meaning that it is used for County-level and above (state, federal/presidential).  If you are registered Democrat, then your vote will finally have a chance of counting in California– normally presidential nominee elections are already decided by the time California votes, but this year the race appears to be quite close between Bernie and Hillary– so make sure your voice is heard!

The “big” election is not scheduled until Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.  This is when you will be voting on the president (not just your party’s nominee for president), and also when you’ll have an opportunity to vote for local offices (including voting for me in the city council race!)

So make sure you are registered, get out there and make your vote heard!

I will not intrude on how you vote, but I will say that I’ll be voting to…
+ Re-elect State Senator John M.W. Moorlach; he is the state senator that dragged Orange County out of bankruptcy.  There is absolutely no excuse not to vote for this accountant to continue his job as our State Senator.
+ Re-Elect Assemblyman Matthew Harper; he is doing a great job, and I agree with 98% of the things he is doing.  He deserves re-election.
Elect Karen Lee Schatzle for Superior Court Judge #49.  Her opponent cheated on his wife inside his office with multiple of his employees while both he and the employees were on taxpayer time.  That’s as good as stealing.  People make mistakes and perhaps in any other field this would be able to be worked through, but we are talking about a judge who repeatedly violated the trust of the person who he swore to protect, did so with employees who he swore to mentor, and did so on the taxpayer dime.  I’ve met Karen on several occasions, and if we don’t replace him with her, we’re missing out on a good judge, and stuck with a bad one.
+ Vote YES on Ballot Measure B; a fiscally responsible ballot measure which requires all new items being voted on to also include a fiscal impact study.  In the real world this is referred to as knowing how much something will cost before buying it– a GOOD idea!
– Vote NO on Suspension of Legislators; this may sound like a good idea, but in reality this will inevitably be used as a political weapon against “unfavorites”.  While California is a legislative disaster area, we don’t have cases often enough which require legislators to be suspended.  This is not needed.
If you are a registered Republican and voting on the Republican Central Committee, then I recommend TJ Fuentes, Rhonda Rohrabacher, Cari Swan, and Carol Woodworth.  There are other good people running too, but these four are the stand-outs that I can really get behind and endorse.

Here is the entirety of the Sample Ballot, if you would like to do your own research:



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