Dog Beach: We Need you TUESDAY EVENING

THE MEETING IS HERE– it will be Tuesday, March 1st at 6pm at 100 Civic Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Recently, the Newport Beach City Staff Dog Beach – PBR Staff Report.

This staff report contains the following information:

1) The number of off-leash tickets issued (except NPB animal control data combines the number of off leash tickets issued AND the number of tickets issued for dogs being on the beach during the 10:00am-4:30pm no dogs allowed on the beach time).

2) Part II of this “ticket number” is that they say this is for “adjacent areas”. Now, you know what the word adjacent means… but does the city of Newport Beach? They believe that the word “adjacent” means an area that is nearly one square mile around. For those of you who know, the Dog Beach is about a 300ft stretch of land– so this land measurement area is hardly a comparable number.
Here’s a map with Dog Beach in the green, and the reporting district in the red:
Reporting District #17
Laughable, no?  Unless you have a large screen, you likely don’t even see the green outline of Dog Beach compared to the reporting district which claims it is “adjacent to the beach”.

Another factual error is that the city is using the MySidewalk poll data, which MySidewalk itself has proclaimed to be unreliable and has manually adjusted countless times during this campaign alone– and still tells us that the poll is inaccurate.  We pointed out the inaccuracies in a previous letter to council, as you can see here.

Finally, the city staff report says that only one person ever emailed in support of Dog Beach, but we have Jon Pedersen’s email archived right here from the city staff itself, and I’ve emailed multiple times on it, as well as at least two others that I know of personally.  So unless we all became the same human being and also moved to Huntington Beach, then these staff reports are inaccurate on literally every possible level.  It is clear that there is an agenda here that is being pushed against the will of the public.

Please come out and speak at 6pm on Tuesday March 1st to help protect Newport’s last remaining Dog Beach.  This may be the only chance we have.

I will also be handing out hats to those who have already donated but not yet received them at the event.  If you would like to donate in person, I will have the forms to do so there, too.

Please attend.  We lost half the fire rings not due to public dislike of fire rings– but mostly due to poor meeting attendance.  We absolutely need your voice to be heard or we stand a real risk of losing our Dog Beach!



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