The Big DOG BEACH Update

As everyone knows, the Dog Beach at the river jetties between Huntington and Newport Beach is under attack through a suggestion to begin enforcing leash-laws in the area by Newport Mayor Diane Dixon.  This is not only Newport’s last remaining Dog Beach, but also provides opportunities that Huntington Beach’s Dog Beach simply can’t– like the ability for smaller dogs to swim in the river without being pounded by waves.  To my knowledge, this is the only Dog Beach in the country which is on both a river and the ocean– a unique right for dogs which must be protected.

    Thanks to your help, we have made tremendous leaps forward in making the public aware of the attacks on Dog Beach by Dixon.  At the time of this writing, our petition has reached over 4,000 signatures, and shows no signs of slowing down– but it must continue, because this dang vote keeps moving forward!

    A few weeks ago I wrote an open letter to City Council exposing massive polling flaws, bringing to light the truth that despite claims to the contrary, “dozens emails from residents” were not “seeking relief” from dog beach– it was one resident who emailed four times because they were frustrated about the parking situation.  Indeed– that resident was actually upset that they lived in an area that was *too popular*.

    Do you know how the city responded when I pointed out the bad poll numbers, the misleading information provided to the LA Times, and the other highlighted issues? Not one single email back. Not one. They didn’t explain how the poll magically generated 23 extra votes without a human voting.  They didn’t write the papers to correct the “dozens of emails from residents”.  They didn’t even write me back to apologize– a simple thing to do.

    After receiving this letter, the city referred the Dog Beach issue to Parks, Beaches, and Recreations committee.  They are scheduled to meet next on March 1st at 6pm– but we are not yet sure of the agenda and we won’t be until 72 hours before the meeting, due to the way the law requires city meetings to be run (the Brown Act).  Rest assured, I will be emailing you as soon as I get the date that this is on the agenda.

    On President’s Day of this week, I received multiple reports that the city had sent out enforcement officers to Dog Beach who wound up giving tickets to people who had off-leash dogs.  The city wrote back and clarified that there was an Animal Control officer out there, but he only issued two warnings and one ticket– but that these were all for on-leash dogs who were out past the city dog curfew.  If you have experienced something different on Presidents Day, please sound off in the comments.

    Save Dog Beach Hat
    The city is definitely taking note of our activism.  Even the LATimes has multiple write-ups on us, now!  But we need to apply more pressure and spread more awareness.  Please consider donating $20 and receiving one of the hats that have been donated by one of our most vocal supporters of Dog Beach, Lido Isle resident Jon Pedersen.  Your donation will help to recoup the considerable funds spent so far in this fight– and you’ll be spreading awareness as you wear it, and saving Dog Beach in the process!

    In the meantime, please share and like this page and encourage your friends to sign the petition, too– with our voices united on this issue, I believe we can defeat it just like we have with other bad proposals in the past, including “Lights Out At 11pm“, the insanely well-funded Measure Y, the audit of City Hall (after the can was kicked… twice), and countless others.But please do not mistake our success for something that does not require your involvement.  

    In fact, we were only able to save half of the beachside fire rings (the city originally wanted to get rid of all of them), largely due to a lack of people getting active– NOT for a lack of popular support.

    So please, get and stay active.  Send a donation.  Wear a hat.  Get your friends to sign the petition.  Show up at the meetings and let them know that Dog Beach is something we absolutely do not want to lose.  We need your help on this one, as we likely have only one shot!Thank you for your support in keeping Newport… Newport!


If you wish to sign the petition to save Newport’s last Dog Beach, you can do so here:


Do not ban off-leash dogs at dog beach!!! Regulars at Dog Beach know that off-leash dogs are not problematic. If, there are some which are, then address the problem dogs.
If there are problems with waste, address those who create those problems.

The public OVERWHELMINGLY supports keeping DOG BEACH a place for DOGS. Newport Beach has some of the longest coastline in Southern California and Dog Beach only accounts for roughly 100 yards. Let dogs have their small stretch of beach.



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