Throwback: OC Airport

Do you remember the OC Airport, before it was renamed John Wayne on June 20, 1979?

The famous Delaney’s cafe was on the second floor, where the waitresses wore sailor dresses colored blue and gold (well before the infamous Blue/Gold internet dress).  Delaneys was known for their seafood– specifically their clam chowder– and contained a cafe, dining room, and cocktail lounge.  While Delaneys was to the far left of the airport, the baggage claim took up the opposite side, on the far right.

Back in these days, you could stand on the roof to watch the planes come and go.  Wackenhut Security checked everyone– not the TSA.

The second floor observation lounge was always a big hit, as you didn’t need a ticket to geek out about the local planes– everyone was welcome.

Here’s another photo from the observation deck, reportedly from about ’72 (article photo from ’67):John Wayne Airport Second Floor Observation Deck



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