The Original El Ranchito
The Original El Ranchito

Throwback: El Ranchito Offers Original Prices today!

El Ranchito is offering its original menu prices on three items today and next Thursday to wrap up their 40th birthday celebration!  The original location has always been right here on Balboa Peninsula on the corner of Balboa Blvd and 28th St.

Originally, it was just on the sidestreet  (pictured as the main photo here), where the traditional “Irish Fish Market” had the corner lot and supplied the fish to the Balboa restaurants and beyond.

Shortly after opening, El Ranchito purchased the adjoining store and expanded into its current form, swapping the kitchen (which used to separate the two stores) into its current location, and expanding the store onto the patio– by far the most frequented section of the establishment.

Last Thursday when I visited, the staff was quick to seat everyone despite the rush, so don’t be intimidated and feel free to join in for a true taste of Balboa history.

Here are some other photos of the original location and the family that gives this treasure its heart and soul.  40 years ago, big hair accomplished big things!

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