Throwback: The Fun Zone (when it was still fun)

Do you remember the Fun Zone when it still attracted local kids and tourists?  Here is a collection of some of the older shots that I have found.

Now’days, ExplorOcean has purchased the building.  The rides were pushed out in exchange for a museum that I’ve literally never seen kids in.  Rumors abounded: The shops had their rents denied for renewal.  Boat companies on the shoreline were forced to sell their own companies to ExplorOcean for pennies on the dollar.  Meanwhile, as ExplorOcean destroys the FunZone, they also continue to bleed money.

It appears the 990 Federal Income Tax public records filed by the ExplorOcean indicate a loss three years ago of $244,000; two years ago a loss of $544,000 and a current loss of $1.4 million dollars. Thus over the last 3 years, according to public record, ExplorOcean has lost nearly $2.2 million dollars.  How to stop the bleed?  City council just gave them a $10,000,000.00 plot of taxpayer-owned land to help keep them afloat.  The lease on this land is under $1/day– less than they would be paying in taxes if they had simply been gifted the land.  That’s right: Your taxpayer dollars are keeping ExplorOcean viable enough to continue to dismantle the FunZone.  Don’t like that?  Email

Here are some photos of the old FunZone:

Balboa Fun Zone - walk the plank like they once did down at the Fun Zone during Pirate Days in Newport Beach Fun Zone when it was Still Fun Sheryl Skelley - Fun Zone - Sunbathers in need of refreshment could partake of sliced pineapple, ice cream malts or cones, sandwiches, and popcorn from the Fun Zone's many vendors tbt Balboa Ferry Love this great shot of the Fun Zone and the Ferry taken in the 1940's. (Courtesy OCHS) tbt balboa fun zone tbt balboa fun zone2



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