Throwback: Balboa Ferry

Don’t you love the Balboa Ferry?  We’ve all taken countless trips on it, and it’s been here as long as anyone can remember.  Newport’s historic Beek family built the ferry service back in 1919, and have been running it since.

Here is a collection of some great shots from the 1930s, and one from the 1920s!

The original ferry prices were just a nickel to cross, but as inflation would have it, you simply can’t keep that sort of price locked in.  Today, you can still cross on foot for just a buck, and a car will run you two.  It remains the most scenic way to enter Balboa Peninsula, without dispute!

Balboa Ferry late 1930s Here's a great 1930 shot of the school bus and the Newport Harbor High School staff crossing the ferry. Great clothes!  Love this great shot of the Fun Zone and the Ferry taken in the 1940's. (Courtesy OCHS) Here is a 1930 shot of the Harbor High School school bus crossing the ferry.

Newport Beach Balboa Island Ferry 1921



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