Endorsements are in!
Endorsements are in!

Endorsements Are In!

After much careful thought and investigation, please find the list of our endorsements, attached:


Quick endorsement list for printing:
COUNCIL: [why?]
Duffy Duffield
Roy Englebricht

MEASURE Y: “NO”. [why? 1] [why? 2]

WATER (depending on your district): [why?]
Shawn Dewane
or Steve Sheldon

Matt Harper

Claude Parish

Michelle Steel

Dana Rohrabacher




More information on candidate views is available here
District 1:
Diane Dixon (uncontested)
District 3:
Duffy Duffield ENDORSED
Rush Hill
District 4:
Roy Englebricht ENDORSED
Kevin Muldoon NOTE: Kevin was right on all issues except Measure Y.  However, Roy is right on all issues, so he gets our vote.
Tim Brown
District 6:
Scott Peotter
Mike Toerge

Measure Y:

We absolutely, strongly endorse NO on Y.  Aside from ousting our current council, this is the MOST IMPORTANT vote on the ballot.
For more information on Measure Y, please see our articles here and also here

WATER: Depending on your district, you may be able to vote on one of these candidates:
STEVE SHELDON (not Leslie Daigle)
SHAWN DEWANE (not Wendy Leece)
This is a rare case where we wholeheartedly endorse the incumbents who are doing a FANTASTIC job.
For more information on this race, please see our article by clicking here

Keith Curry: This is the only incident where we take an active “NO” endorsement on a candidate.  Do not vote for the contemptible Curry.

Claude Parish ENDORSED — We need Claude as our assessor.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher ENDORSED
Dana does a fantastic job representing us by protecting our Bill of Rights, preserving and strengthening states rights, promoting conservative budgets, and advocating for the use of technology in wars rather than spending the lives of our boys in wars overseas.


We are a hyper-local organization, so there are some district-wide and state-wide initiatives and candidates that we have not personally researched or people who we do not personally know.  For this reason, we cannot endorse them.  However, if you have not read a measure or know someone personally who has, it is always best to vote it down.  The ballot statements very often state precisely the opposite of what the bills do in reality.

In short: If you don’t know, VOTE NO!



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