Militarized Police
Militarized Police

Leaked List of Militarized Police Equipment in OC

A concerned reader sent me this list of things police ordered under the 1033 program that allows the military to give equipment to our local police. While many of the items here are benign, there are a few questionable items.

A $4,000 filing cabinet? Computers that cost the same whether you buy them a few at a time or dozens at a time? Mine detectors? Tanks? Automated robotics? Nearly 100 pair of night vision glasses? Bayonets? To clarify: Yes, we mean that kind of bayonet.  Unless the federal government is honestly expecting our police to knife citizens in brutal hand-to-hand combat, then there is absolutely no reason for bayonets.  And parachuting equipment?  Come on now.

At some point, it becomes more reasonable to call in the National Guard– who are trained for scenarios involving heavy equipment. It is this writers opinion that the guard should be called in at the very moment that one thinks they need a tank, mine sweepers, or night vision in order to keep order.

I see more than a few things on this list for which even I can’t justify a valid use. Bayonets? Sorry, but no. And perhaps I have it wrong, but parachute deployment bags? Well, they are gonna have one hell of a gym!

– Tom Hunter, Security and Intelligence Analyst

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