First Annual Halloween Spooktacular Boat Parade! (And Costume Contests)

This Friday, get ready to witness the first annual Halloween Boat Parade, being sponsored by The Peninsula Lounge.

The route will begin at the docks outside the Peninsula, then circle the harbor on Friday, October 30th starting at 5pm.  “Best Boat” prize is a $500 in your pocket, plus bragging rights for the next year 🙂

After you are done watching the big boats get “dressed up”, and join in on some costume fun at the Peninsula later with a costume contest with pretty big prizes.

Two prizes– one for funniest costume, and one– of course– for the sexiest costume. Both with $250 prizes. This party begins at 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and entertainment is said to be provided by DJ RaviDrums.

Seating may be limited because of COVID restrictions, please contact The Peninsula Lounge for more information about dinner and afterparty reservations

(Balboa Saloon was home to a bar and restaurant Industry Night last year, which produced some amazing contestants. No word yet on whether or not this event will be “on” again this year, due to many factors)

Above all, have fun, be safe, and as always– enjoy the day!



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