Balboa Saloon by Jeff Arzouman
Balboa Saloon by Jeff Arzouman

The Historic Balboa Saloon, Opening TODAY at 11am

Today at 11am, the Balboa Saloon will reopen after having been closed for 7.5 months, due to the state and city governments forcing shutdowns in the name of a Coronavirus.

The Balboa Saloon is a building which used to be a lot for car shows, a bath house, a bank, and so much more, before being converted into the local watering hole that so many generations in Newport Beach have enjoyed for so many years.

Balboa Saloon will be reopening as a restaurant and selling pizza and hotdogs as their meals.

So if you are ready to smell that fresh salt air from all the fishermen past and present, come on out to celebrate with the Balboa Saloon and their new outside patio.

Other locations previously open with outside patios can be found here:
And here:



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