Remember on the First Day of 2020: 7am at Mutt Lynch’s. In Your PJs.

That’s right, Mutt Lynch’s annual Pajama Party on New Years Day starts bright and early at 7:00am. It’s gonna be 2020 so no need to even get dressed up before curing your NYE hangover with some of the most rewardingly tasty breakfast food in the entire city.  We’re gonna be living in the future, after all.

Being the future: Will human-sized robots of the future be serving us food and drink and catering to our every need as we gaze over the ocean breaks at Mutts, beginning on January 1st, 2020?  If you guessed yes, you are awesome.  You’re also wrong.  But that’s okay.  Their awesome service staff will treat you better than any talking tin can would, anyway.

Their full breakfast menu can be found here:

Be forewarned: In years past, people could not get enough of the NYE celebration, and even in the first day of the new year, every 15 minutes at Mutt Lynches would begin another countdown to celebrate the new year.  If you’re eating a tater tot for each countdown, you can see where you would get a belly full, schooner rather than later!



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