Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport and Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at michael.glenn@devion.com

Throwback: Karam’s

Karam's, photo credit unknown

Do you remember Karam’s restaurant? It used to be the creme de la creme of Newport dining, with valets dressed in full tuxedos. Here at Karam’s in 1953 was a fundraiser for George Hoag to see if he could kick-off efforts to build a new hospital in the area. It apparently went pretty well for a first-event, raising $100 per …

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Fire Rings Survey Shows Overwhelming Support

Family by the Fire Rings, photo credit unknown

The results of a new fire ring survey were released late last week, showing precisely how disconnected Rush Hill and Keith Curry’s current council is from representing their constituents.  The numbers– shockingly– become even  more overwhelming since the last survey (the last survey had the “leave the fire rings alone” numbers at 86%, and this one they are 92%) Here are the …

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Leaked List of Militarized Police Equipment in OC

Militarized Police

A concerned reader sent me this list of things police ordered under the 1033 program that allows the military to give equipment to our local police. While many of the items here are benign, there are a few questionable items. A $4,000 filing cabinet? Computers that cost the same whether you buy them a few at a time or dozens …

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Lido Boat Show: Sept 18th-21st

Lido Boat Show

Lido Boat Show begins on Sept 18th and will be going strong until it closes on Sept 21st.  There will be vendors at least 149 boats during this time,  but vendors are still packing it in!  See something you like?  Brokers are on-site to help you with the purchase you’re sure to use all summer long. Tickets are $15 (kids under 12 are …

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Costa Mesa Endorsement: Brian Peotter

Photo of Brian Peotter and State Assemblyman Don Wagner

As many of you know, we here at SaveNewport have very strong fiscally conservative mindsets. Here is a candidate who wants the job so he can eliminate his own position. After many talks with Brian Peotter, I can attest that he is “the real deal”. As he mentions in his statement, he wants to obtain the position in order to eliminate …

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Reunion: Class Of 1964

1964 unknown author

On Saturday, September 27th there will be a reunion of the 1964 NHHS and CDM class, at BCYC. 1964’s Class was one of the few that were separated from each other once the CDM campus opened. The Class of 1964 Committee has also opened this year’s reunion up to other graduating year grads! This will be a very special event, based on ’63 reunion last year. …

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Lido Hotel Lease Guarantees a Taxpayer Loss

Newport Waste

The city’s plan to award a long-term lease for old City Hall land is a guaranteed loser for taxpayers.  Let’s quickly run through the three possible scenarios that could play out during a long-term land-lease from the city of Newport: Let’s assume that Newport wants to lease land for 85 years to an entity, and they come to an agreement with the …

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Record-Setting Heat This Weekend


Record-setting heat will be coming tomorrow through Tuesday. Dress for warm weather, as we’ll likely break into the three-digit temps this weekend.  Meteorologists say the heat is being generated by an upper-level ridge of high pressure building off the California coast combined with weakening onshore flow.  Residents will need to beware of this record-setting heat during the months of September …

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A Day of Remembrance

WTC, photo credit unknown

13 years ago today, we witnessed the worst terrorist attack ever performed on US soil, losing 2,977 innocent victims.  Over ten percent of those victims– 343– were FDNY firefighters who rushed into the disaster to help. However, the beauty of America– and Americans ourselves– shone brightly through that very day and in the days following. Americans from all walks of life …

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Throwback: Building the Jetties

First Rock on Jetty, Sept 10, 1917, photo credit unknown

While “throwback” photos are usually reserved for Tuesdays and Thursdays, tomorrow is a much more meaningful day for everyone.  Instead, please enjoy this photo on a more positive anniversary: 97 years ago today, we laid the first rocks down for our jetties.

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