Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport, owner of the software company Devion, the VP of Newport Beach's Republican Assembly, Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge, an outspoken taxpayer advocate, and a sworn alternate voter for the Orange County GOP. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at michael.glenn@devion.com

NWS Gives Beach Warning due to Lightning

People are witnessing lighting strikes just off the coast and near the beaches. The National Weather Service is currently recommending those in the vicinity to immediately seek shelter away from the water and off of the beaches. (stock photo)

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Last Day to Register to Vote!

SHARE THIS POST! In Newport Beach we have a population of about 87,000 people, and a whopping 32,000 of them aren’t even registered to vote.  Today is the last day to register vote!  If you are not registered online today, you will be unable to vote in this upcoming election.  You can register right here in 60 seconds: http://savenewport.com/vote I spoke with …

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Meteor Shower Meteor Shower TONIGHT!

Meteor Shower

TONIGHT will be the peak night to watch the Orionids meteor shower!  Actually, it will technically be Friday morning– but you get the drift!  The waxing gibbous moon will be out the during the evening hours, but it will set before the prime time viewing hours. Halley’s comet is actually to blame for this series of meteor showers as it is …

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Dog Beach – it’s almost finished, but we NEED YOUR HELP!

THE HISTORY YOU KNOW: As many people know, last year on December 8th– her first day as mayor– Diane Dixon floated a poll asking whether or not to get rid of Dog Beach.  This set off a firestorm. Between “voting oddities” with the city’s own poll and the outpouring of support for Dog Beach, I started a petition right here on …

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Polls Show My Race in a Tie

You may be registered to vote in Newport Beach, but I bet all of your friends are not!  There are less than three weeks left before the election, but there is less than a week left to register in time to vote in November’s election, and people are already voting via absentee ballots! You can register yourself or help someone else …

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92 Year Old Man hit in Crosswalk

Last night at about 6:40pm, a 92 year old man was crossing on 7th and Balboa on Balboa Peninsula, and was struck by a car who was unable to see him.  He suffered “major injuries” in the wreck, according to Newport Beach Police Information Officer, Jennifer Manzella.  The driver of the car was not injured. This could have been prevented with …

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California’s Marijuana Initiative is Very Deceiving

The truth about PROPOSITION 64: MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION If you’re in California and you hate pot, you’re probably considering to vote NO on Prop64.   Don’t do it. If you’re in California and you like pot, you’re probably considering to vote YES on Prop64.   Don’t do it. The truth is that regardless of your position: You’re likely to make a mistake on …

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AmTrak Closed for 3 Weekends Between San Diego and LA

If you’re planning on using AmTrak’s Surfliner on an October weekend, you might want to make other plans.  The tracks and service will be closed on the following dates: October 8-9, October 15-16, October 22-23 During this time, dedicated non-car commuters can still schedule rides with Greyhound Bus Service (closest stops in Santa Ana or Anaheim) or simply take an Uber …

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TONIGHT: Pick Up Your Signs at Marina Park– and Watch the Pier to Pier Forum!

Marina Park - by Dan Herman

Tonight at Marina Park from 6:30-8:30 pm, the Central Newport Beach Community Association (also known as Pier2Pier) will be hosting a candidate forum to help educate voters on the views of candidates. I will have a table set up with signs– so if I have not been able to get you your sign yet, please come by and grab one! …

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Tragedy near Dog Beach Causes Media Frenzy and Swift Government Action

On Thursday September the 29th, Madi McNaughton and her 150lb pup Rupert were playing near the Newport Dog Beach.  As they passed out of the proposed (still not official) Dog Beach and into the Flood Control Zone, everything seemed fine– but the safety gates normally on the tidal flood gates had somehow fallen off, and disaster was set to strike. The tidal …

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