Balboa Island Garage Sale
Photo taken by Balboa Island resident Dan Falzetti on 5/22/2017

Big Drama on the Big Island (Balboa Island GARAGE SALE this weekend!)

It’s that time of year again, when Balboa Island hosts their community garage sale.  Each year, we are told that it will be their last one, as organizing it has become too cumbersome for the ones arranging it.  This year, local Newport Beach realtor Steve Roose decided to pick up the slack.  Saturday the 19th of September at 7:30am, Balboa Island Garage sale will begin, this time including raffle prizes such as:

You can purchase your tickets, here:

So what’s all the big drama about?  Well, Don Abrams, who is apparently speaking for all of the Balboa Island Improvement Association– an unofficial organization with no actual authority– has declared tomorrow’s garage sale as “an unsanctioned event”, as fears of Coronavirus continue to scare many residents.  Abrams has set a new date, for the BIIA’s garage sale, for October 24th.

So this year, it sounds like the island will be having TWO garage sales.

We look forward to seeing which one has the bigger turnout– but if you’re interested in the best of the goods, try getting to the earlier one 🙂



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