Parking Lots Now Open For Food Service!

Want to grab a bite to eat and a drink?  New “outside dining” rules have converted your favorite restaurants and… ahem… “restaurants”… into outside patio dining areas, allowing them to stay open as Governor Newsom has deemed inside dining unsafe at any speed.

In Newport Beach, in order from the top of the peninsula on down, this includes Cappy’s, Woody’s Diner, Elks Lodge coming this weekend, Lido Bottleworks, Bluewater Grill, Chihuahua Cervesa, Cannery, Sabantinos, Malarky’s, Helmsman (pictured here), Cassidy’s, El Ranchito, The Peninsula, Woody’s Wharf, Spaghetti Factory, Sharkeez, Shorebird, Stag coming soon, Class of 47, San Shi Go, and Cruisers.

Patio dining is still allowed, so places with patios including Sol Grill, Helmsman, Stag, Cruisers, Elks, Buddah’s Favorite, Peninsula, and Woody’s Wharf still have those areas available for you, too.

So stop by, grab a bite to eat and a beer, enjoy the sunshine, and remember: If you’re gonna need to use the restroom, you have got to wear a mask to go inside by law, so don’t leave it at home!



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