Newsom’s Executive Order for Mail-In Voting Suspended through TRO by Judge

This morning, California Superior Court Judge Perry Parker ruled that Gavin Newsom’s (linked here) Executive Order N-67-20 (linked here) was an abuse of power.  That executive order was the one which would force all ballots to be mailed out to all voters.

Many people have problems with universal mail-in ballots, as “Ballot Harvesting” became legal in California in 2016, when California expanded the law to allow any person to collect a mail-in ballot. Prior law restricted the practice to just relatives of those or those living in the same household as the voter.

While “collecting” (or harvesting) ballots is now perfectly legal for anyone to do in California, the illegal part happens when these ballots are locked in a “secure facility” over night, and the next morning, they are all filled out with the party-line candidates filled out, across the board.

This is the first legal victory against Newsom’s executive order parade.  The judge (U.S. District Judge John A. Mendez) ruling in favor of the state on protest restrictions looks pretty foolish right about now, as the Superior Court judge basically said he was wrong, leaving the field wide open for an upward appeal the the California Supreme Court.

However, this legal victory is just temporary, and the judge has ordered an in-person hearing on June 26th, for Newsom to defend himself.  Generally speaking, if a judge rules through a Temporary Restraining Order that what is being done is illegal, then you’ve got an uphill battle for your next court date.

Happy to see some liberty shining through on the courts side.  This is how our system was made to work!



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