Bars Open Today, Masks Are No Longer Required, OC Heath Dept Head Quits

Today, at midnight, bars in OC were allowed to re-open.  Yes, that means that your favorite non-food watering holes are now open, so bring your money and your full tummies to the Balboa Saloon, Class of 47, Beach Ball, or any of the others in the city (or county!) to celebrate.  If you’re feeling fancy, I hear the ever-classy Class of 47 has Dom Perignon to help.

Earlier this week (Monday), the day before the Board of Supervisors meeting, the head of the OC Health Dept, Nichole Quick, quit.  Her time with OC Health was marked by conflict with citizens, including a highly unpopular “mandatory mask” policy, a policy so unpopular that the OC Sheriff said he would refuse to enforce it.  Many people protested the idea– one person even made a threat from the microphone– and on the same day that the WHO said “asymptomatic spread is very rare” (linked here)— giving a strong indication that all of these lockdowns were all for naught– she quit her job, just one day before she was set to defend the mask policy in public.

It is important to note that while masks are not legally required in OC, that some cities have decided to implement their own policies– notably cities that do not have their own health advisors, like the always-interesting political situation next door in Costa Mesa.  Individual establishments may also set their own rules as to how to dress when you enter them.  This is their right, just as it is your right not to enter.

If you have a health problem that prevents you from wearing a mask, you may tell the person at the store exactly that.  Due to ADA guidelines, they are not permitted to ask intrusive questions about that health condition.

So for now, you don’t have to wear a mask while drinking that bottle of Dom at the Class of 47.

Enjoy your weekend!!



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