Car Smashes Through Protesters, Is Caught Within Minutes

As thousands of protesters gathered on the Peninsula, they took their march to the street, blocking traffic in both directions for miles.

The police blocked off traffic coming to the peninsula by the Bridge coming from the 55. (photos of diverted traffic linked here)

But slightly before that, a car drove through the protesters, the video looks like he was heading towards the Wedge at about 18th Street (Video here:

Shortly after that, the police caught the man with a broken windshield next to Newport Harbor Yacht Club, video linked here:

The energy is definitely in the air, and whether you love it or hate it, you can see here in this video from Behind the Badge:  Unfortunately, most of the peninsula is tightly packed residential areas without a ton of interesting places for a crowd of this size to go in the middle of the day if you aren’t on the beach.

It is unknown where the protests will go or when they will go there, but all that energy on a geographically restricted residential area already known for residents who can be a bit “jumpy” is a powderkeg waiting to happen.  It is our hope that the day ends peacefully.

On a GREAT note, the other three officers are going to be charged with Murder 3, and the policeman who actually murdered the man by putting his knee on his carotid artery for 8 minutes just had his charges upped from Murder 3 to Murder 2.

Be safe.



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