Protests in Newport Today

As protests around the country continue– because three of the four cops have not yet been charged with murdering a man in broad daylight on video– Newport Beach protests are scheduled for today.

The vast majority of these are peaceful protests designed to send a message.  Sadly, some of them get hijacked by Antifa (a gang of looters and riot-starters), but protesters and looters are *not* the same people, and while the looters may follow the protesters around and use them as cover, they are working against each other, not with each other.  The chaos caused by those who wish to take the true cause of justice– which is desperately needed here– and eclipse the message so that a they can steal from and damage storefronts?  They aren’t well-liked by the true BLM movement, for obvious reasons.

As always, Newport Beach citizens and Newport PD welcome *peaceful* protests.  Rioting, looting, or destruction will not be tolerated by either police or the people of Newport Beach.

SaveNewport is in receipt of several messages by both protesters and apparently from police, warning about the timelines.  The timelines in Newport Beach are on the map above, and here is what we know about the potential protest locations in our area:

Yorba Linda had a large protest yesterday.  We called their Sheriff’s department (they contract with the Sheriff, and don’t have their own police) and they said they didn’t think they saw any crime out of the ordinary– they offered to go check the records to be sure, but we both figured that was a good enough answer.  If it had been bad, they would have known the moment they walked in this morning.

Today, we have protests throughout OC, and four in Newport itself.  The ones we know about here, compiled, are:

City Location Date Time Notes
Anaheim City Hall 6/3 10:00 AM
Newport Beach PCH & MacArthur 6/3 12:00 PM
Newport Beach Newport Pier 6/3 2:00 PM
Garden Grove City Hall 6/3 3:30 PM Was 4pm, changed due to curfew
Irvine Civic Center 6/3 4:00 PM
Newport Beach Back Bay 6/3 5:00 PM
Newport Beach City Hall 6/3 5:00 PM
Aliso Viejo Alicia and Aliso Creek 6/5 10:00 AM

We hope the protesters have their voices heard, and don’t have their message eclipsed by thieves who simply want to steal from and damage storefronts.
Note that the protest at City Hall in Newport at 5pm came through a new, unverified channel, so take it with a grain of salt– as did the rumor that people will march from the noon protest to the 2pm protest, through Balboa Island.  We shall see if either of those are true.

In terms of crime for the last few days: Sunday, we had about an average day (linked here), Monday was slow (linked here), and Tuesday was within average range also (linked here)

As always, you can search for Calls for Service and arrests, here: — a database we have been stealthily archiving for over a half-decade now, establishing a database from which to derive averages and baselines– something I knew would help at some point in the future, and hopefully that time in the future is not now.

Stay safe.  And let’s hope that those other cops who committed murder in public are charged, soon.  Our justice system deserves it.



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