Newport Pier by Sean Olsen
Newport Pier by Sean Olsen

Last Night, Newport Was Safe.

Today, the City of Newport Beach made an announcement today (linked here) stated that there have so far not been credible threats to the city.  We are happy about that.  We also feel for all cities reeling from the destruction being felt throughout the greater Southland area.

“Trust, but verify” is my motto, especially as the “City of Newport Beach- City Hall” Facebook page has a history of deleting comments that run contrary to their proclamations– so we checked their numbers, and I’ll tell you how to check them too.

For years, SaveNewport has kept a crime log.  You can find the numbers here, every day:

Yesterday looked like a slightly less-than-average day on both Calls for Service and also for Arrests.

Yesterday (Sunday) 197 Calls 4 Arrests
Last Sunday: 299 Calls 8 Arrests
Sunday Averages: 199 Calls 9 Arrests
Sunday Lows: 148 Calls 3 Arrests
May‘s Avg Sunday 172 Calls 6 Arrests

As you can see, we had about the same number of calls as normal, but fewer arrests.  I suppose this is because the unrest in other areas attracted all those who normally commit crimes in our area.

While past behavior is not necessarily a prediction of future behavior, I am glad to hear that Newport was safe last night.

The city of Minneapolis could doubtlessly end this tomorrow, instantly, by simply charging the four cops who killed a man in broad daylight with 1st Degree Murder.  Don’t think it’ll stick?  Reduce it later.  But right now, people are rioting because 3 of the 4 killer cops are still running free, un-charged with any crime.  Just charge them with the crime they committed, and all this rioting loses energy.  When they will do that is anyone’s guess, but I hope it happens soon.

Until then: Be safe, be alert.  And keep yourself, your house, and your family protected.



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