ABC Outdoor Application is Here– Apply Now!

As we reported yesterday, the ABC was ready to release the forms for outdoor dining (linked here).

Today, they’ve done that, nearly a week ahead of schedule.  We suspect this is going to end up in bottlenecks so let’s cut to the chase: Tag a business owner or send this to them so they can fill out the form, here: as quickly as possible to reduce approval times.  As we saw with PPP and toilet paper rushes, even a day of delay can result in massive setbacks, so please make this a top priority.  While we are not allowed (statewide) to operate with these ABC approvals yet– the line is starting now, so best to get in while the gettin’ is good!

On the downside of things, it does look like former Mayor and Councilman Kevin Muldoon’s TRO to protect 1st Amendment rights was rejected by a federal judge.  In our legal system, one has to show actual harm.  In otherwords, because Muldoon did not attempt to break the law and go to the beach and potentially get himself a misdemeanor, the judge said he had no valid reason for a TRO.  However, Muldoon’s order was the one that forced Governor Newsom’s hand to reopen the beaches for active use– so that was a big win for us, thanks Muldoon!  Currently, thanks to the judge’s rejection and Newsom’s standing order, it’s still illegal to sit out to tan.  Even as Vitamin D is getting more press as to a preventive measure for the very virus causing this storm of government to begin with.  Bummer, dudes.

We all have ups and downs, so let’s get back to the upside again– Mayor Will O’Neill does a wrap-up on the current stage of the virus, here: — the good news about it?  This isn’t nearly as bad as the media is reporting.  Check it out!



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