Boardwalks reopen by Pete Wesner
Boardwalks reopen by Pete Wesner

The Boardwalks REOPEN!

This morning at approximately 8:30am, the boardwalk was being reopened by city workers.

The boardwalk was originally closed by our City Manager, illegally, without a public vote, without public comment, without an agenda, and after a secret, unrecorded meeting, after our city council illegally abdicated their powers to her.

We are happy to be bestowed some sense of normalcy.

The reason for the initial boardwalk closure was entirely fear, and no science.  As the outdoors is the healthiest place to be, viruses are killed in the air in less than 2 minutes.  Forcing bicycle riders into the middle of the road has caused countless frustrations to drivers and bike riders alike, and created very serious situations and numerous car-on-bike accidents, one of which this writer saw themselves.  Thankfully, in that incident, the bike was destroyed but the young woman was left with only minor injuries.

Regardless, we are thankful to have these illegal actions reversed, and that our city manager has decided to put our city workers back on the “good side” of public opinion.  These guys work hard and there is quite literally no excuse for putting them through this.

Enjoy the ride! (or walk!)



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