Can’t You Smell That Smell? That Smell that Surrounds You?

After a massive 2,000 diesel leak which apparently began from a generator at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach, which then drained into a gutter and then into a storm drain, and out to the ocean, beaches Totuava and Thousand Steps have closed.

People reported strong odors from far and wide– so far we received reports from Anton Norac up in Bolsa Chica, with Ephraim S. Galvan and Daniel Baume down in Dana Point.  It is “smellable” inland as far in as Garden Grove.

People described the smell as varying items, with kerosene being one of the most popular.  Other popular smell descriptions included WD40, oil smell, decaying Red Tide, propane, burning plastic, diesel fuel, oil burn, epoxy, paint thinner, lighter fluid, kerosene, and lighter fluid.  Why did we list all the smells here?  So that next time you smell that, we can hit the “search” button on and find out the answers more quickly to get news to you faster 🙂

Thanks Morgan Wisbey for the inspirational subject title I completely stole from you.  Next time I see you out, remind me to tell you a story about Skynard 🙂



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