Huntington Beach Reopens Beaches, Balboa Island Reopens Walkways, Fencing Removed in CdM

Huntington, Dana Point, and Seal Beach have been granted a reprieve from the governor’s shutdown of beaches– as long as everyone is “active” on the beaches.   HB and SB submitted their plans over the weekend, along with Newport Beach.  Dana Point submitted the same plan on Monday.  All were approved– except Newport.  This is on the heels of the lawsuit by Kevin Muldoon, as Governor Newsom scrambles to make his plan look “not that bad”, after demanding a “hard close” on the beach– where zero visitors are allowed.

Meanwhile, today, the boardwalk on Balboa Island has been re-opened, but with a silly one-way-direction, to avoid crossing people.   Instead, you will need to walk in front or behind them indefinitely, which is surely a stroke of genius.

Reports are that Ocean Blvd by Big Corona also removed its orange fencing.

We get closer and closer to being able to practice the 1st Amendment once again.  As many people know, the Constitution is suspended in a State of Emergency– which is unconstitutional itself.  This is done, it is claimed, because the founders couldn’t have planned for emergencies in the Constitution.  As if the Constitution itself weren’t written in the very middle of one of the biggest emergencies imaginable.

I look forward to restoring our rights.  And the Constitutionalist movement that this has sparked demanding the stop of violations on rest of our rights.



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