Newport Beach to Close Balboa Island Boardwalk & Wedge Park

Beginning today, the Newport Beach City Manager has decided to close the park at the Wedge known as West Jetty Park.  She will also begin to close off the entire boardwalk on Balboa Island beginning Saturday, April 11th.  This is in addition to the closure of the Balboa Peninsula Boardwalk.

But here’s the kicker: Unfortunately, since the council did not legally pass these closures and the City Manager is attempting to do these without legal authority, the police also have no legal authority to enforce them, because there is no actual law to enforce, leading to many of the barriers being torn down, because police are not legally able to protect their positions.

If the Newport Beach City Council wants to pass this legally, they will need to convene and pass it.  Having the City Manager “pass it” illegally will only sew unrest in the community.

On March 18th, the Newport Beach City Council voted to illegally to abdicate all of their powers to the city manager, bypassing any public votes, agendas, hearings, or accountability.  As Newport Beach Councilman Jeff Herdman tells me, the city manager has made her own “Disaster Council” and holds meetings which are not noticed to the public, with agendas that are secret, in places that are unannounced, with attendees that are withheld.

Now I know we are in the middle of a virus pandemic, but this is the time when our Constitution is really put to the test.  And to me, secret meetings by secret un-elected governments with secret agendas and no public accountability have no place in America.



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