Super Tuesday Results!

Super Tuesday Results are in! Well… Sort of.

At the time of this writing, a percentage of the KNOWN votes cast have been counted, with provisionals, absentees, and mailed ballots still left to come over the next several days.   In fact, OCVote is showing 0% of precincts reporting in Orange County according to the OC Registrar of Voters.  We will update again at the end of the week or when the final results are tallied– whichever is first.  However, right now let’s take a sneak peek under the hood and find out what we can decipher from the results already counted:

Congressional Race: Harley Rouda holds on to “Dana’s Seat” with 43% of the vote.  Steel challenges and grabs 37% of the vote.  The two will face off in November.  Of notable mention: Newcomer Brian Burley got an impressive 13% of the vote.  Well done, Brian.

State Senate Race: John Moorlach beats out Dave Min and Katrina Foley, bringing home 49.95% of the vote.  If Moorlach’s results ping over 50% by the end of the counting, he WILL still need to run again in November, as the rule that “anyone who wins the primary with 50%+1 of the vote automatically wins the seat” only applies to County races, not state or federal.

California Assembly Race: After sending out countless false ads against her Republican opponent and countless false ads about her own record, Diane Dixon (who ran as “Mayor” and “Businesswoman” when she is neither a Mayor nor a Businesswoman) seems to be winning against Kelly Ernby by about 3,000 votes.  The percentage difference was just 3 points, with the incumbent Cottie Petrie-Norris taking home 49.21%.

OC GOP Central Committee Race:

At the top of the list here are the two Assembly candidates, Diane Dixon and Kelly Ernby.  This should be an uneasy seat to deal with.  Also winning the other 4 slots are Newport Beach Councilperson Will O’Neill, TJ Fuentes, Erik “Quid Quo Pro” Weigand, and Emily Sanford. 

OC Tax Vote: The vote to require 2/3rds majority to raise taxes passed by 79.25%

Prop 13 Vote: in Orange County, Prop13 failed by 63%.  Statewide, it still held strong in the “No” column, with 55.9% voting to oppose with 99.9% of precincts in the state reporting.

Republican Presidential ticket winner goes to… drumroll… Donald Trump!  Not exactly a surprise victory.  Trump landed 92.6% of the Republican vote.  Joe Walsh and Bill Weld scored 2.6% and 2.5%, respectively.  Sorry for those pulling for Zoltan.  He only got 0.3% of the vote.  These stats are largely mirrored in our countywide reflection.

Democratic Vote in OC/CA
Democrats in California and in OC both thought the same of the playing field, and– with less than 2 percentage points difference on any race from the county side (linked here), here are the statewide results for the Democratic candidates:
Bernie Sanders walked away with the W on this one, grabbing over 36% of the vote in a 20-person race.
Joe Biden trailed behind with a respectable 24.5%
Bloomberg also made a decent showing, purchasing 15.6% of the vote.
Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klo., and Mayor Pete also showed up at the table, taking home 9.6%, 3.1%, and 6.2%, respectively.

Democratic dropout report
Joe Biden
leads with 453 delegates.
Bernie follows behind at 382.
Warren has her delegate count at 50.
But dropouts make a huge portion, too.  Bloomberg got 44 delegates, Mayor Pete got 26, and Amy Klo. received 7.
Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race, and has earned 1 delegate.




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