It’s Super Tuesday! Here’s How to Vote in Our New System (and our picks on who and what to vote for)

It’s Super Tuesday!

Today voting is happening throughout California until 8pm, when polls begin shutting down.  The early states have already voted, and today 14 states and one more territory will join them– including California.  With 415 delegates up for grab, tonight’s news cycle will certainly be one for the ages.

But in California, we have a whole new method of voting… drop boxes.  This year,  instead of only registered “vote by mail” voters receiving ballots in the mail– everyone did.  These ballots can be filled out and dropped off at any of the 110 voting dropboxes thoroughout Orange County.  Find the one nearest you by visiting

While you can also vote at the traditional polling stations– the number of them has been drastically reduced in favor of dropboxes.  Polling stations can be found here:  If you are in Newport or Costa Mesa, we will make the search easier for you by listing them here:

Newport Beach Bob Henry Park 900 Dover Dr Corner of Castaways Ln Walk Up Usable 034
Newport Beach Newport Beach Public Library 1000 Avocado Ave Driveway to Civic Center Parking Drive-Thru Only Not Accessible 025
Newport Beach OASIS Senior Ctr Auxiliary Parking Lot Corner of Fifth Ave & Marguerite Ave (Corona Del Mar) Corner of Fifth Ave & Marguerite Ave Drive-Thru Only Not Accessible 026
Newport Beach Sidewalk – Corner of Avon St & Riverside Ave Corner of Avon St & Riverside Ave Btwn PCH & Cliff Dr Walk Up Not Accessible 04
Costa Mesa Coastal Heights Senior Living 2283 Fairview Rd Btwn Wilson St & Fair Dr Drive-Thru Only Not Accessible 110
Costa Mesa Mesa Verde Branch Library 2969 Mesa Verde Dr E Corner of Baker St Walk Up Usable 033
Costa Mesa Mesa Water District 1965 Placentia Ave Btwn W 19th St & Victoria St Walk Up Usable 063
Costa Mesa OCDE at The Esplanade 3001 Red Hill Ave Btwn Kalmus Dr & Fischer Ave Drive-Thru Only Not Accessible 102
Costa Mesa TeWinkle Park Athletic Complex 980 Arlington Dr Btwn Newport Blvd & Fairview Rd Walk Up Usable 037

In terms of what is on this ballot– statewide there are 231 different tax-hiking measures on ballots throughout California.

Vote NO on 13.  This masquerades as a way to fund schools.  It is really a tax hike.


Be sure to vote NO on Diane Dixon this time around, too, as she is seeking promotion for her abysmal performance in Newport Beach.  She is running for both OC GOP Central Committee AND California State Assembly.  Vote against her on both of these to keep taxes low, too.  In the OC GOP Central Committee, she would influence the voice of the body, shifting OC more to a county with financial leadings more like Sacramento or San Francisco.  If you are registered Republican, please vote for Mike Gasca, Mike Glenn, and Kelly Ernby for the OC GOP Central Committee.

For the Assembly race, if you are a Republican, please vote for Kelly Ernby for the Assembly slot.  If you are Democrat, there is an incumbent Democrat that you can vote for– but you can vote for Kelly Ernby, too, if you would like, as the “jungle primary” is open in California.



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