Woody's Wharf Sign Newport Beach Picture
Woody's Wharf Sign Newport Beach Picture

Woody’s Wharf Wins Again, Renews Long Term Lease

Is there any peninsula establishment with more rumors about its future than Woody’s Wharf?
Okay, yes, Rudy’s.  You got me there.  But I mean open establishments.

But Woody’s has been undergoing a ton of rumors for years regarding its lease renewal, and a lawsuit was even generated against the landlord for attempting to literally sell Woody’s out from underneath the owners of Woody’s, despite a contractual right of first refusal.

But rumor no more!  The lease situation has finally been resolved, and Woody’s has signed a lease for such a long amount of time that by the time it expires there may be people who are not even born yet who are working there.

Congratulations to Woody’s for once again taking a stand and winning on merit.



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