Lombardy’s Closing for Weekdays; Open on Friday, and Weekends Now

As we all know, summertime is the life-blood of businesses on Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island.  Lombardy’s Market & Deli– at 508 W Balboa Blvd on the peninsula– is feeling the squeeze.

While several grocery-oriented foodstores have been at this location in the past, Lombardy’s has been there the longest.  And with good reason: If you like spicy food, definitely check out their Cappy sandwich!  If you are into the kale stuff, definitely check out their kale salad.  Despite the increased competition from internet grocery vendors like Instacart, it is always nice to have an option of walking down to the store to grab a bite to eat, or for that carton of eggs that you totally forgot to get at the larger stores.

So while there has been much question, speculation, and wild rumors as to whether or not it was shuttered for good, or to the reasons behind why it closed, the simple fact of the matter is that while we may have mild winters in terms of temperature on the peninsula, the winters are absolutely brutal to the pocketbooks of our beloved merchants.

Support the things you like.  After all, we all know the consequences if we don’t.




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