Buccaneer Days Be Jus’ ‘Round th’ Corner, Matey!

Ahoy mateys!  Today is National Talk like a Pirate Day, and now it’s time to plan your trip to Catalina!

Aye, from Thursday October 3rd through Sunday October 6th, Buccaneer Days will be celebrating their Big 3-0, with their 30th anniversary in Two Harbors on Catalina Island.

This festival of pirates began as an unofficial event, with no booty required for boarding.  As time went on, the event became more organized, much to the shivering timbers of many members from the original group, as admission and professional vendors were added.  This year, prices have been packaged differently, with admission for all three days being $45.  That’s $5 cheaper than last year, but the one-day passes are now in Davey’s Locker.  Your ticket will get you in to the bars which also serve food, see DJs in the daytime, bands at night, treasure hunts, and– of course– the costume contests.

If you have plundered enough to afford it, the “VIP” passes still are $55 more, which will give you access to the VIP area from 5pm – Close, a pirate booty swag bag, and complimentary water and light snacks.

If ye are able to spend even more, you can rent palapas and chairs, here: https://visitcatalinaisland.tix.com/Schedule.aspx?OrgNum=2050&actcode=140801&Disp=Cal

Landlubbers will need to reserve camping separately (https://visitcatalinaisland.myshopify.com/collections/2019-buccaneer-days), but many pirates batten down the hatches on their own vessels.

It ain’t cheap, but the experience is one you won’t find anywhere else.

But remember: Just because you got there easily doesn’t mean you can get back easily.  Come with a plan, and stick with it!  You’ll hear plenty of stories of those who didn’t– and they’re all hilarious.  Catch me with a beer in my hand and I’ll tell you one of them for the ages from over a decade ago.




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