Cronyism and Fake News in Newport Beach

As we continue our expose on crooked government, it is my great pleasure to bring you this, our second installment of Exposing the Cronies:

Given the reporting on our last article, I found it pretty ironic that shortly after we exposed cronyism at Speak Up Newport (, a new speaking event was sent to me by several readers.  They all told me that it was on the front page of OC Weekly.

Here is the image they saw:


Not too bad, right?  Just a lecture about being cautious on “Fake News, Misinformation, and Media Bias” being hosted by Elite OC– the same organization that Joe Stapleton founded (whose cronyism was detailed in the above-linked article).

Except let’s look a bit deeper.

This wasn’t OC Weekly.  Here’s the cover of the magazine:


As you can see, this sure does look a lot like OC Weekly.  In fact, it looks so much like OC Weekly that OC Weekly did an entire article about Irvine Weekly and its publisher, Brian Calle, which they say is essentially impersonating their operation– even going so far as Irvine Weekly supposedly stealing OCWeekly’s newsstands to re-purpose as their own.

It’s a great, crazy, and enlightening read, and I highly recommend it, here:

Other than Crony Joe Stapleton’s organization, who else is involved?  The bottom says it is sponsored by Regal Court Reporting, a company owned by Isiah Leslie, who just so happened to be at an event which I am told was a Diane Dixon Fundraiser which was orchestrated by none-other than Repeat Crony, Joe Stapleton.  Here’s an instagram shot of Joe thanking Isaiah for his “continued support” (even though, interestingly, Leslie’s name didn’t appear on the campaign contribution list of Dixon for that fundraiser.)  For those curious about the names on this report, we’ll get into “shadow fundraising” aka money laundering at a later date.

While I have nothing against marijuana legalization, the advertisements for the product definitely seem to find their way into questionable literature.  Here’s how Calle’s “Irvine Weekly” is funded:


So a fake news source holding a conference on fake news sponsored by the same ole cronies we keep running into, event after event.  And we wonder why we can’t seem to get any truth out of government.

More to come.

Don’t want to be on these lists?  Don’t hang around or enable crooked or crony people, and don’t do corrupt things yourself.  Simple.



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