Curl Fitness to Re-Open under New Ownership

An eagle-eyed local, SaveNewporter Gene Robertson, saw a sign on the Curl Fitness doors about a reopening under new ownership.  Immediately, I contacted the former owner, Jill (not the ones who recently had the suspicious shutdown on July 9th), and asked her if she might be coming back in to run the place.

She said she wasn’t– but she *is* working to help the new owners set up shop.  That’s a plus in a lot of columns!

While no official opening date has been released yet and the new owners name is also not public at this time, I have been informed that they will be opening “any day now”, so it sounds like the only fitness shop left in the Balboa Peninsula area (after the gym at 22nd and Beast Mode by 26th shut down)– may now be on its way to a resurgence.

As new information is learned, we will update this article.

Congratulations to the new owners, and to their patrons!



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