Three Thirty Three Has their Final Last Call

Last night, legendary restaurant 3 Thirty 3, served its last batch of fish tacos, and their final martini.  PCH’s most visible place with a beautiful view– which always seemed so busy– has closed its doors after 15 years of memory-making, fun, and public reminders about your friends birthdays.

But fret not, the owner isn’t going anywhere.  Jeff Reuter will still be a part of the Tavern House (, a new concept in food and entertainment, set to open in just a few weeks after a light remodel, including new furnishings, upholstery, decorative lighting, fresh paint, carpeting, and the biggest change left un-seen to most: a complete kitchen overhaul.

Expected opening date for Tavern House is “early July”, according to the company’s website.

Reuter will remain on-board, and will also be joined by restaurateurs David Wilhelm and Gregg Solomon to create their vision of creating a loafers-oriented, comfort-food ambiance in one of the best locations in Newport Beach.

Wilhelm spent 40 years opening new concepts, such as French 75, Bistro 201, Savannah Grill, and Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern.  And expect the menu to look a lot like the last one– burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken and salads… but– as the industry always like to use the term– “elevated”.

Soloman and Wilhelm used to work together at various ventures in the 80’s, including Kachina, Bistro 201, Barbacoa, Saltwater Grill, Diva, Sorrento Grille, French 75 and Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, so we hope this to run like a well-oiled machine right out of the gates– but we don’t hope too hard.  Restaurant openings are notoriously difficult, so we’re prepared to cut em some slack 🙂

But in memory of 3 Thirty 3 and all the years its given us, we wish it a fond farewell, it will never be replaced, but we definitely look forward to see see what Jeff, David, and Gregg have up their sleeve for the new digs!



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