American Legion Yacht Club is Saved

Wednesday May 8th from 3pm to 7pm, the American Legion voted to install an entirely new slate of members to run the club.  The turnout was a record-setter, with over 600 people voting, fueled in part by the bans of cigar smoking a few years ago, but primarily by the banning of the 52-year-old American Legion Yacht Club most recently.

While the American Legion is a private club, and this paper usually refrains from commenting on private club business, when the Legion sent out nastygrams to all of the other yacht clubs in the Harbor asking them not to order the ALYC members, this became a very public event.

Jon Reynolds was elected as Commander with 56% of the vote– but the rest of the “Reynolds Slate” also won, making a clean sweep across the board and ousting every single elected member of the Legion.  The new leadership takes their positions on July 1.

Congratulations to the new American Legion Post 291 leadership at the Legion, listed below– we look forward to the Yacht Club being restored and (hopefully!) a designated cigar area for those members who simply want to relax and share time with their friends over a whiskey and cigar.

Incoming leadership is:

Commander: Jon Reynolds
First Vice Commander: Bob Brennan
Second Vice Commander: Anthony Morales
Third Vice Commander: Jim Updike
Finance Officer: Bob Wine
Sergeant at Arms: Bob Grundmeyer
Historian: Rich Frauenzimmer
Member at Large: Eric Schroeder
Member at Large: Nick Giordano



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