Dixon Steps In It: Campaign Filing Renews Interest in Her Attempts to Close Dog Beach

Wednesday, Dixon announced that she would be filing to run against California Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, which I had previously predicted she definitely wouldn’t do.

Representatives for Cottie’s office recently contacted me about Dixon’s stance on Dog Beach, which is a no-brainer issue to attack Dixon on.  Some people may not care about her increasing taxes, some may not care about her crony deals, but when it comes to dogs– everyone loves ’em.

The messaging that we did through the www.dumpdixon.com website was so effective that with a budget of nearly nothing, Dixon couldn’t even hold on to 60% of the vote, even after spending over $150,000 on her own campaign (incumbents usually win by landslides, especially if their opponents have no money.  Dixon spent wildly and still wound up in the 50’s.).

Dixon’s reasons behind running are as obvious as they were when I predicted why she was even considering it to begin with.  Since I wrote that article, Steel filed to run against Congressman Rouda, and if successful, there will be a special election to fill her seat.  Dixon would run for County Supervisor at that point, with the ballot designation of “Assemblywoman”, a much stronger ballot designation than “Councilwoman”, especially as several other councilpeople will likely be contending for that seat along with her.

All and all, this should be a very fun campaign to watch, as Dixon’s record is a public one, with plenty of terrible decisions that the Cottie campaign will doubtlessly pick apart and highlight according to whatever their big-budget-campaign says polls the best.  Just think: If Dixon had to spend $150k as an incumbent to reach less than 60% against someone who spent nothing– what would she need to spend to unseat an incumbent because the dumpdixon.com site was so effective, then imagine the damage she will be taking when a well-funded campaign picks up that same information, but throws down dollar-for-dollar on messaging.

Count me as very-excited.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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