Yacht Club Opening Days

The Opening Days for some of the Yacht Clubs around the harbor have just begun– here are who’s already had em, and who is coming up next!

First, Newport Harbor Yacht Club is celebrating its 103rd anniversary.  This is their first opening day since their new Yacht Club was completed.  They had their opening day yesterday, May the 5th, and by all accounts, it was amazing.

Lido Isle Yacht Club beat them by a single day, having theirs on Sunday, May 4th– and what a great day it was.

The American Legion Yacht Club was going to have theirs on May 5th also, but with all the shenanigans happening there, this date has been postponed (there are currently TWO ALYC’s, the original one, and the one which was just created by the Post.  If you wish to vote on this matter and you are a Legion member, you can either vote out the current leadership on May 8 by voting for the Jon Reynolds slate, or you can vote in the current slate if you are happy with the situation.  This would have been the Yacht Club’s 52nd Anniversary.

The Elks Lodge Yacht Club beat everyone to the celebrations, having their Opening Day way back on March 30th of this year

Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club turns 61 this year with their opening day, scheduled for this coming Saturday, May the 11th at 2pm!

The Balboa Yacht Club also has their Opening Day on Saturday, May 11th, and the return of the Beercan Races on Thursday the 16th, so buckle up soon!

We could not locate the Opening Day schedule for the Balboa Basin Yacht Club, but if anyone knows this, please let us know and we will update the story!

South Shore Yacht Club moved up their opening day from June of last year to May the 4th of this year

All and all, this is shaping up to be a great summer and the always-temperamental ocean is sure to give us some smooth sailing days ahead.

Happy Monday!



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