Mama’s Opens in old Pizza Nova Building

The beloved Pizza Nova closed at the end of 2018, but if you’ve ever Uber Eats’d the breakfast from Mama’s on 39th, you will be excited to know that Mama’s on PCH has officially opened, as of last Thursday, the 25th of April!

Mama’s is a well-known institution in Huntington, and opened their Los Alamitos location in July of 2018.  The takeover of the PCH location included some minor remodels, including a kitschy wall filled with window shutters, complete upholstery in their booths, and while their menu remains largely the same, the PCH location is being treated to a seafood section of their menu!  This section, if successful, will also be deployed to the other Mama’s locations over the next several months.

A photo of the new menus is below:



As a veteran of their breakfast food, I look forward to giving them a try for other meals as well, now that they are close by.  But even if you don’t make it up to their physical location, their new presence in Newport should at least knock 20 minutes off your Saturday morning Uber Eats delicious, carb-laden order.



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