Skosh Monahan’s has Closed

A bit outside of Newport, but Skosh Monahans is well known to so many, if not for its great food, stiff pours, 15 giant TVs and 24 taps with 34 beers, and a TV at every booth, but because it used to be so ubiquitously advertised as “The Mayor’s Place” when Gary Monahan was mayor of Costa Mesa.  Indeed, this Irish pub has defined a generation– a political generation, at least– but has seen its final St Paddy’s Day.

I recall going there at least 15 years ago, but I can’t seem to find the actual opening date (if anyone has it, please mention it in the comments below)

Monday, April 8th was its final day open, and it will reportedly reopen as “Our Bar”, retaining owner Gary Monahan as a paid consultant– so expect a lot of the things that people loved… except, refreshed.

The establishment was well known as Councilman/Mayor Monahan’s place (Monahan served 5 consequtive terms spanning 1994 to 2016), but what many people didn’t know was that the entire upstairs floor of the establishment was the local headquarters of Former Congressman Dana Rhorabacher, so events happening at this establishment not only gave shape to local Costa Mesa politics, but national politics, as well.

The overturn of Costa Mesa’s council and the unseating of Rohrabacher didn’t have anything to do with the closing, but the timing is coincidental.  Monahan has stated that the establishment hasn’t made much money in “a while”, and pairing that with the lease coming due– it was time for a change.

It’s been a great time, with great food, great drinks, and a rambunctiously political crowd.  Gary himself has always been extremely accessible through the establishment, and we will be sorry to see it go.  However, he will be held on as a consultant, so whatever comes in next will surely have the distinct “Monahan flavor”, and we can’t wait to see what is next.






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