This Year’s Superest of Super Moons happens Tonight!

As everyone knows, the moon doesn’t revolve around the world in a perfect circle.  It not only wobbles, but its own center of rotation is off-kilter from the earth being at the center.  Every a couple of times per year, we have a “Super Moon”, where the moon is at apogee and is also a full moon.  Typically, these happen about two times per year, and this year we will have three– but the biggest of em all is tonight, and if you miss this one, you’ll need to wait until March 21st for the next!

This February is pretty different than the 2018 February, when there was no full moon at all that month (called a “Black Moon”).  Black Moon events occur once every 19 years, when January and March each have two full moons (the second full moon in a month is known as a “Blue Moon”)


The Super Moon will appear very large as it is rising. But don’t miss it– after only 10-20 minutes you will begin to see a noticeable decrease in both perceived size and actual brightness, so I highly recommend taking the 10 minutes to watch it rise!

The moon is technically not full until tomorrow, but to see it at its greatest display, check it out tonight, as the moonrise in Newport will begin at 4:49pm coming from about 70°– or “WSW” to us normal folk.



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