Pizza Press Coming to Balboa Peninsula

It’s hard to write about anything going into the atrocious “Vue” building without being reminded of history of a certain someone trying to shut down Woody’s Wharf as they went in “due to noise”, but the Pizza Press has secured a location in the Vue building, and after what seems like 2 years of waiting, is finally opening its doors Friday, February 1st.

The first 100 people to sign up here get a free pizza:

The “Publish Your Own” pizza company is famous for its 1920’s-ish Newspaper themes, and this location will have the standard pizza, salads, and a whopping 18 beers on tap.  Other locations you may have dined at in the area include South Coast Plaza, Tustin, or on 5th and PCH in Huntington.

The new location in Newport will be at 2280 Newport Blvd in Unit #2, and will be between Woody’s Wharf, the old Crab Cooker Building, and across the street from Aurora.

Hours are still being worked out, but if you’re into pizza and beer– congratulations by the way, you are human– stop on down and check out the newest venue opening up on Balboa Peninsula on Friday.



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