Burning Lido Fire, courtesy of NBFD
Burning Lido Fire, courtesy of NBFD

Huge House Fire on Lido, Vandals Burning Cars at Pavilions, and the Start of the Newport Beach Boat Parade

Last night was the first night of the boat parade, but it turned out to be quite the eventful evening for the Peninsula area.

First, at 6:57pm, a two-alarm fire was reported on Lido Isle, at 112 Via Dijon.  The fire was responded to by 40 personnel, from Huntington Beach FD, Newport Beach FD, Costa Mesa FD, and an abbreviation I am unfamiliar with (“MB8”– if anyone knows whose FD this is, please let me know).

The fire was started by an incense candle in the mediation room of the house.  Those candles caught the curtains on fire, and then combusted in a fury with the wood siding of the house (this was described to me as “spontaneously combusted”).

Thankfully, there were no reports of any injuries, and both dogs inside were saved.  We hope that there is a quick recovery from this terrible event.  Please keep them in your thoughts this holiday season.

Second, a man who is routinely seen around the 30th-40th Street area pushing a stroller began throwing vandalizing cars in the Malarky’s lot before leaving to the Pavilion’s lot, where a car was set on fire.  This is a video of the culprit, and if anyone sees him, please contact the police: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7ZnTp4VJ_c

And third, and perhaps most important to some– the kickoff of the Boat Parade was otherwise a great success.  We thank everyone who has spent the time and money to celebrate this Christmas season by decorating their boats– including the Grinch Boat.  It looked like traffic began yesterday at about 4pm, so if you’re planning on grabbing a spot to park when you get home, or if you are visiting from outside of the peninsula, plan on arriving earlier than 4pm to save yourself some headaches!




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