Dixon Budget
Dixon Budget

Diane Dixon Appointed as Mayor by Council

As many of you know, the mayor of Newport Beach is very much a ceremonial position, and contains no actual power. The position somewhat rotates through the council people, and every year in December the council appoints one of themselves to be the member with the title of mayor, and another one of themselves as mayor pro-tem.  Generally speaking, the mayor pro-tem gets the mayorship the following year.

This year, mayor pro-tem Will O’Neill missed his shot.  Instead the council unanimously voted in Diane Dixon.

You may remember the last time Diane Dixon was mayor, when she tried to shut the bars and restaurants on the peninsula down at 11pm, and then tried to close Dog Beach.

This is the same Diane Dixon who raised taxes, voted for the Dock Tax, forced half of our wood burning fire rings to now only allow “coal”, proposed stealing property rights from people more times than I can recount, and has forced locally owned businesses like the Harbor Jet Pack company and others to shutter their doors due to her passing ridiculous regulations against them.

Yes, even Joy Brenner voted for Dixon to be mayor.  Joy is not off to a good start.

So be prepared for some good stories coming soon as Dixon continues to try to dismantle Newport.  Rumor has it that she is gearing up to try to shut down Dog Beach again at a terrifying pace.




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