Ballot Recount Starts Today

As the ballots were being counted for 3 weeks after the election, it appeared that our Mayor Duffy Duffield had been unseated.  In the final weeks, the ballots counted gave a serious plot twist: Tim Stoaks lost his lead and Duffy began to win.  When the dust settled, Duffy won by 36 votes.

Every vote matters, guys.

Supporters of Stoaks have gotten up enough money to begin conducting a recount.  That recount effort begins today.

Conventional wisdom says that a recount in a council race doesn’t move the needle if the margin is wider than 10 votes, so don’t expect a change in outcome, but the pressure continues for Duffield, which may be part of the intent, too.

A full recount will cost about $27,000, composed of rolling daily deposits in the amount of $3,800.

Sources tell me that the first ballots to be recounted will be the Absentee and Provisional ballota, as those carried the biggest differences and therefore are considered most suspect by those doing the recount.

If successful there, they will continue with the recount.  If not, they will end it early.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of this recount, as it is definitely one of the closest races in the history of our city.

Regardless of who wins, it sends a message that when politicians literally do not complete a single promise that they made– and do the opposite of what they promised– the voters do take notice.

In the last four years, the city has seen an increase in taxes, an affirmation (rather than a repeal) of the Dock Tax, we’ve seen wood burning fire rings be replaced by “coal” fire rings, overall staff increases, massive consultant increases, new taxes, more regulations, multiple proposals to seize property and property rights from citizens, attacks on Dog Beach, and an expansion of local government in virtually every aspect, despite promises to do the opposite in nearly every aspect.  (Much of this and more can be found on the failed site

So good luck to Tim in unseating Duffy.  I have my doubts, but would be estatic to be proven wrong.




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