Newport Beach Assn. Of Realtors endorses Mike Glenn

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I am proud to receive the unanimous endorsement up the Newport Beach Association of Realtors!


After my opponent:

1) voted to seize 850 docks in Newport Beach with the dock tax

2) advocated the theft of property rights by city government to shut down all the bars and restaurants on Balboa Peninsula at 11 p.m.,

3) voted to continue to try to ban dancing at Woody’s Wharf, stripping them of their own property rights,

4) advocated using eminent domain to seize multiple people’s property in order to turn Mariner’s Mile into a clogged, six-lane expressway,

I am proud to announce that the Newport Beach Association of Realtors has unanimously endorsed me for Newport Beach city council, District 1.

Please tag your real estate agent friends, so they know who is fighting to preserve property rights and property values in Newport Beach, and to help them spread the news!



About Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport and Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at