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I Have Filed to Run Against Diane Dixon for her Council Seat

This year, Diane Dixon is up for re-election.  I waited to see if anyone else would file to run against her, but she has sufficiently terrified people from running, especially when she showed her true colors, using taxpayer resources in an attempt to defame people simply for not supporting one of her initiatives.

So, approximately 15 minutes before the bell rang on the filing date, I filed to run against her.

This led to a lot of me playing “catch up”, and I am frankly not entirely sure I can overcome the hurdles here, but with your help in spreading the word, I am hoping to come close.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?   There are a lot of ways!
1) Host a sign in your yard!  text me your address and I’ll get you on the list for deliveries! 949.229.0096
2) Talk to your neighbors.  Tell them about let them know about her actual record.  Do you see a “Vote for Joy” sign in their yard?  Let them know that Dixon is endorsing her opponent, too.
3) Mention the race in your grouptext or groupemail threads.  This may sound ridiculous, but there are a lot of people who actually don’t follow local politics at all.  YOU are the rare one!  Let them know about Dixon’s history, and remind them to DumpDixon
4) If you are financially able to, please donate.  We are an entirely-grassroots, bootstrapped campaign and we are pinching pennies– so rest assured that every dollar you are able to send our way will be stretched to the fullest.
5) This one’s easy!  LIKE and SHARE this post, and let everyone know that this election cycle– after four long years– we finally have the ability to vote Diane Dixon out of office.

But I can’t do this alone.  I absolutely need your help to accomplish this.  Dixon has fundraised 6 figures– much of that from people who don’t even live in this state (this is what some people have called “money laundering”).  She has already purchased her slots on the mailers (they promote themselves as “voter guides”, but they are really pay-for-placement mailers).  She’s got the power of incumbency.  She stands a very good chance of winning here, unless I can get some real help from people on getting the word out here.

Early voting opened up on the 8th of this month, and voting at the polls will happen on November 6th, so there is literally less than one month to get all of this done.  I know, that’s a lot to do in one month, and that is why we need your help.

So please, if you can, like, share, email, text, call, post signs, and even donate if you can– this campaign relies heavily upon you, and your actions.  Last time we lost an open seat by a margin of error.  Let’s not have that happen when we are running against Diane Dixon herself!



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