Secret Summer Begins!

Well, we all know that the peninsula’s “Summer” ends every year on Labor Day, but even while the official season doesn’t end until September 22nd, we see all the seasonal changes already, from the parking lots to the beaches!  So if you survived the parking, the traffic, and the tourists jamming up your favorite establishments, those days are over this year (at least until the Boat Parade in December!)

Now, we enjoy “Locals Summer”, “Secret Summer”, or any number of names thereof, where our weather remains perfect but the crowds are gone.  Many establishments throughout the peninsula have secret celebrations on this day.  Balboa Saloon is known for their annual “secret” potluck, Aurora celebrated last year with free food for locals, and there are countless BBQs being held throughout the week in the area to celebrate this local holiday.

And don’t miss out Sunday, September 16th starting at 1pm for the Balboa Island Carnival and Taste of the Island, which will include such events as Carnival Games, Bungee Jump for the Kids, Wine & Beer Garden, and my personal favorite, the Pie-Eating Contest.  More information can be found on that, here:

What are your plans this weekend, now that the tourists have left us all alone with both the beach AND the great weather? 🙂



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