Rescue Operation

They found her alive. She was found on Linda Island working on another boat, unaware that the search efforts were for her.

Today at around 1:30pm, a person was reported missing from the anchorage in between Bay, Lido, and Harbor islands.  This anchorage is a temporary anchorage and not a permanent mooring.  It is not yet known where the boat hails from.

A woman of unknown age was scraping the bottom of the sailboat, pictured, and never resurfaced.

Patrol boats scoured the area looking for her, but as of this writing it does not appear that they have found her.

The OC Sheriff’s helicopter circled above, telling power boaters from the loudspeakers to move their motors elsewhere, incase she were to resurface and they were to hit her.

This post will be updated as more information is learned.



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