Balboa Peninsula Photo courtesy of Don Logan
Balboa Peninsula Photo courtesy of Don Logan

Oooh, That Smell. Did You Smell that Smell?

Last night and this morning, if you encountered a terrible smell along our coast, you weren’t alone.  SaveNewporter Dave King alerted this to us at 10pm last night, and SaveNewporter Chris Wells did the same at 9pm– a big thank you to both!

In a very-welcome shift of events, Mr. King also located the mysterious cause: At about 9pm last night, a vessel spilled what appeared to be a large amount of citronella oil and other chemicals near the Huntington Beach and Newport Beach Coastline.

12 hours after this event, the smell finally appears to have dissipated.  At this time, is unknown whether or not this poses a serious threat to marine life or land creatures like ourselves.

This post will be updated as more information is learned and obtained.





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